Lost & Found policy

all lost pets will be located on our website

Found a Stray?

  1. Post to all social media accounts.
  2. If you see a loose animal while driving, honk your horn as this may encourage the dog to run back to its home to safety. 
  3. If you live in the city limits of Oxford, contact us at (662) 234-3981


We can also scan a found animal to check for a microchip at no charge.

animal control services

If you found an animal running at large, sick, endangered, or aggressive and need assistance, please reach out to our Animal resource officer at 662-832-1931

Rehoming Guide:

Benefits of Rehoming
  1. This causes less stress for the animal as these pets move directly to their new home therefore never enter a shelter. 
  2. This allows more space in the shelter to allow us to help more animals in the long-run. 
  3. Owners are able to share more details with the adopters about the pet’s personality and preferences.
How to Rehome

Step 1: Take good photos of the pet and write a description of them. The photo gives the adopters a good first impression of your pet. 

Step 2: The description of the pet is important as it highlights the pet’s personality and gives the adopter an idea of what their new best friend is like. 

Step 3: Advertising your pet on social media or adoption websites. 

Step 4: Find the right fit for your pet. Do not be afraid to ask questions to make sure your pet is going to the right new home.

Example of pet listing



There are many websites that are free to use to help rehome pets. Below you will find a few examples of websites. We do not endorse these websites, but list them as a resource to you. 


Home to Home: Rehome – Home to Home Animal Adoption (home-home.org)


Home 2 Home Pets: Rehome a Pet | home-to-home (home2homepets.org)


Homeward Pet: Homeward Pet | Home


Mississippi Dog Rescue: https://animal.rescueme.org/Mississipp